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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Postpartum Progress (Body After Two Babies)

Okay ladies lets talk Postpartum Progress! First let me just say i'm so sorry i've lagged on this post (and a million other ones I have planned to do for that matter). I may sound like a broken record but life with two kiddos keeps a mama very busy and to be completely honest i'm definitely feeling the "struggle with the juggle" a lot lately but here we go finally with my Postpartum Journey after two babies! 

Back in 2012      (39 Weeks Pregnant with Ava)

About 1.5 Years Postpartum After Ava

It really wasn't until about 6-7 Months postpartum after my first child that I even started to feel like my body was getting back to its pre baby shape. The above picture is at about one and half years postpartum after my first child (Ava).

(39 Weeks Pregnant with second child, Luca)

(8 Weeks Postpartum after baby #2)

(and last month at 6 Months Postpartum after baby #2)

With both pregnancies I gained just under 30 lbs and while most of it came off after a few months I still hung on to those last 5 lbs until at least 7 months later. Luca is now almost 7.5 months and I still have about 6 pounds to go to pre baby weight and to be honest i'm good and happy with where i'm at but I do want to continue to tighten and tone.

When I was putting this post together I pulled up my postpartum progress post with Ava and found my 6 Month Check in pic. It's crazy how similar they both look! (sorry obviously not the best quality because they were all done with my phone but.)

Before kids I nervous about what my body would look like throughout the journey. While some things haven't gone completely back to pre baby shape i'm just so amazed and thankful for what our bodies can do! My belly button never went all the way back in and yes even with some abs I still have that nice loose extra skin when I bend over but i've had two precious babes and i'm 100% okay with all that. Fitness and nutrition have always been a big part of my life and my goal is to just be in the best shape that I can be!

If you've been following my blog for awhile you know i'm a clean eating kind of girl.  I firmly believe nutrition plays a HUGE role in getting and staying in shape. I may not be able to control how long or often I get to go to the gym these days but I definitely have a say in what and how much I consume. I think that has really made a big impact in getting back in shape. I eat clean about 80% of the time and indulge the other 20%. I've been eating this way for YEARS and honestly believe that consistency is key! Making healthy eating habits a part of your lifestyle (that you can stick with) is the key to making it work. No juice diets, crazy cleanses or weight loss pills...just good old fashion eating well and staying active. I steer clear or fried foods, creamy sauces, processed foods and focus on lean proteins, tons of veggies and whole grains. I 100% eat something sweet EVERYDAY. I just try to make sure its under 200 calories or so. Then about once a week I GET DOWN on some donuts, cupcakes or whatever else my serious splurge is. I'm not really into fries and pizza so I save my splurges for things I really love and for me thats cocktails (holla!) and sweets. You can see more samples of how I eat on instagram. I've been using the #honeybeehealth hashtag to show samples of how I order when i'm out to eat but I think i'll be sharing more of my Honeybee Health posts on snapchat (AndeeLayne) because it seems so much easier and faster if you girls want to check them out. 

Workouts: I remember before I got pregnant the first time I said "oh I will always find the time to work out because its just something that's really important to me". Well fast forward three and a half years and two wild kiddos later and that's a lot easier said than done. Our schedule is pretty busy but at the end of the day you just have to make an effort. 
I'm getting to the gym a couple days a week (and have vowed to add on at least a third day) but I just started taking some boot camp classes and they are kicking my @SS! At the gym I do at least 30 minutes of cardio, always alternating incline and speed to keep my body guessing. I also do lots of lunges, squats and finish with multiple sets of abs (because lets be honest after a baby those abs need lots of TLC ;)
No matter where you're at with your postpartum progress everyone has to go at their own pace and do what works for you and your family. Don't be hard on yourself just try to find workouts that fit your lifestyle. I remember in the first few months with both of my kiddos before I could make it to the gym, I used to do squats while holding them in my living room. I also have a "dread mill" in the garage that I try to jump on here or there when I don't have a ton of time.  Whether it's the gym with day care or outdoor stroller workouts with your little one... just do what you can and try to make an effort every day! 

As previously mentioned i've been starting to share more on my snapchat (AndeeLayne) and i'm STILL trying to figure out how that all works so bare with me. Its not super interactive so I can't really tell what people are loving? I posted some of gym workout the other day, random snaps of my kiddos and I did a Target Finds segment as well. I plan on posting more grocery store shots so let me know what you all would like to see more of?!

Thank you ladies again to my new followers and some of my honeys that have been following since pre-Ava ;) You ladies have always been SO supportive and also helpful to me whenever i've had mama questions too! Love you all xoox

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Life with two Kiddos Update (its a LONGGG one)

I am WAY over due for Luca and a life with two kiddos update! I have really lagged on his updates one because life has NEVER been more busy than right now (more on that below) but also because I have really struggled with just how much of my kids I want to share on the internet. It's so crazy to know that some of you have been following my blog since before I was pregnant with Ava! I truly feel like i've come to know so many of you and am so thankful for all the love and support you girls constantly show!
When I first started blogging I felt like it was such a small tight knit community and now as the blog grows so does the exposure to the crazy world of the internet. There's so much of my life I want to share but at the same time i'm hesitant because after all it is the internet. So it's a constant battle in my mind about what to share and what not to share etc. If you've noticed most of the pics on my instagram I try my best to only show the back of Ava's head etc but on the other hand i'm a proud mama and want to share with you guys too. So I go back and forth on that all time and have tried to scale back a little on the kiddos. I hope you can understand xo 

Okay now on to a little life update around here!

So Luca is almost 6 months old now!! Seriously where does the time go?! With Ava I swear the first year seemed like a lonnnng one for me. I was trying to find my groove and really adjust to the life as a new mama but this time around with Luca, we hit the ground running! He is the sweetest and (knock on wood) easiest baby! I now COMPLETELY understand what they say now about little boys and loving their mamas. You guys can I just say I am completely obsessed?! He is SO in love with his mama and follows me with his eyes wherever I go! I get the biggest and sweetest grins from him all day long and just cant take it!!! Seriously heart melted over here! He's such a chill baby ( his personality is so much like his dads thankfully ;) Ava is my little firecracker like her mama was! She is SO sweet but also very strong willed, sasssssy and stubborn. She challenges me on the daily (and it can be A LOT at times) but honestly I wouldn't have it any other way.

(Someone look like daddy much?! ;)

Luca already has his two bottom teeth and is working on cutting his third...yikes! He is already up on all four and rocking back and fourth! We put him down on his play mat and he can completely do a 360 turning himself around and reaching for anything he can get his little hands on! I think the crawling is very soon to follow! We introduced rice cereal and lots of different stage 1 foods already too and needless to say my babes love to eat! I can't get enough of the thigh, cheek and arm roll yumminess ;)

Going from one to two was an easier adjustment mommy wise because I was just more confident in my mommy role and we knew what to expect. On the other hand I find myself also saying "What the heck was I complaining about how hard and busy I was when I just had one"?! Ha! Motherhood is tough anyway you slice it but at least when there was only one someone got a break every now and then. Now with two it's the constant tag team game of "you got this one okay i'll take this one". You really just appreciate all the simple things SO much more. Like a solo trip to target, the grocery store or shoot even just a drive alone! Going out for a drink with girlfriends, whhhhat I feel like I'm 21 again i'm so excited! So pretty much it's how I thought it would be and maybe even a little more busy and exhausting.

(Nap time never looked soooo sweet!)

(I mean this little squishy face!!) 

I asked you girls on instagram last week if you had specific questions for me so today I am answering them below. So here we go.......

How is he sleeping? How is your nap schedule with two? Does Luca still wake in night?

The first few months sleep was ALL over the place which was to be expected. We had a lot of rough nights and basically as most newborn stages go you're just in survival mode until they start sleeping longer stretches.
(These quiet moments are truly the best part of my day! His little dinosaur jammies from Old Navy)

 At around 3-4 months we started getting some longer stretches (and by longer I mean only like 3-4 hours but hey it sure beat the every hour or two we were getting before!) It wasn't until just a few weeks ago that he slept through the night for the first time. That still has only happened a handful of times though. I would say right now he is only waking up once a night. Lets just say i'm ready for the sleeping through the night on a regular basis! ;)

(Big sis sweetness!)

Nap schedule:
So Ava no longer naps. It was too difficult trying to get her to nap with her school schedule and to be honest we kind of like the fact that she goes to bed much earlier! If she naps then bed time is pushed way back so we'd rather her just go down early. They both are in bed by 7pm and usually up between 6 and 7 the next morning. We seriously are both exhausted by the time bath time rolls around and NEED that quiet alone time together just the two of us to recharge and just veg out together. With two it's so constant that the "us" time can easily be put on the back burner but we both make an effort to try to put down the computers and phones and make time for each other. It's SO important to still nourish our relationship too.
 Luca doesn't have a set nap schedule either. To be honest when there's two i'm not sure how you can really map that out everyday. I was really hoping with the second babe he would just kind of roll with it and he does! He has certain sleep patterns but they change as he grows so were not locked down to anything yet. Maybe when his naps condenses down to a longer one or two i'll be a bit better with it but for now he naps in the car, stroller and on the go (and I really like that). I'm so busy taking Ava around to all of her stuff that its hard to have a set nap schedule for him.

How has Ava done with the adjustment?
You know this has probably been the HARDEST part about life with two. The first month was really tough. It was a bit of an adjustment for all of us actually. She was super excited about him and wanted to hold him all the time but then totally had her moments where she reverted back to acting like a baby and just wanting all the attention. Then she had a couple great months and thought she was totally on board but occasionally has random weeks where she is SUPER clingy and needy for mama.
I don't know if its the "three stage" or the fact that she now shares the spotlight with someone else but its just a roller coaster lately and were just never sure which Ava where going to get depending on the day lol. Some days everything goes smooth I'm like "I got thisss"!! Then other days my husband will text and ask how's it going and only get the gun emojicon in reply lol. 
(Ava's Sneaks //  Stroller

Even with all the ups and downs throughout the day, having two truly is amazing! I didn't expect to see such a bond between Luca and Ava so early on but to see his face light up  watching her every move and to see her act like SUCH a little mommy to him (all day long ;) is SO priceless! She is SO in love with him and to see their interaction...there's just nothing better than that!

I mean just look at these two little hamburgers! He's almost as big as she is but she totally thinks he's her baby ;)))

What's the hardest part about having a toddler and a baby?
Hmmm good question! I think the hardest part is like what I talked about above with the adjustment for Ava but also struggling with the mom guilt of trying to balance the attention. Obviously you have a little baby that is literally attached to you because they need you for everything but then I have to also remember it's a HUGE change for Ava as well. I have to remember she is only three (because she's such an old soul) and has had us all to herself so it has to be difficult for her as well.

Does Luca sleep in bed with you? 
No he slept in a co sleeper and then we switched to this rock n play and found him to sleep a little bit better in it. At around 3+ months he started unswaddling himself and rolling over so we moved him into his crib in his nursery pretty early on.

Are you Sleep Training him? If so what method?
With Ava we did sleep training and even though it was a really rough for those two weeks it was the best thing we could have done. She was a lot more work to get to sleep and I was so exhausted everyday of being the only one who could get her to sleep. I had every intention of doing the same with Luca but to be honest he is so much easier to put to sleep I haven't really had to do it. I try to let him fuss a little bit for nap time because I wanted him to find his thumb (he actually sucks his two middle cute) and put himself to sleep. At night time he is so tired he usually falls right to sleep after feeding so there's no need. If he cries during the night I usually wait a couple minutes and see if he can find his fingers and put himself back to sleep. Sometimes he does and sometimes he gets really worked up so i'll go in after a few minutes and nurse him back to sleep (it takes only a couple minutes and he is back down). I try not to change him during the night because that really wakes him up.
For nap time (at home) if he cries more than 5 minutes i'll go in and pat his back to try to calm him down until he finds his fingers. If that doesn't work I pick him up, rock/shush him etc to get him calm again then put him down again (and then he's usually down). With Ava we waited more like 10-15 minutes. All babies are different so you just have to find what works best for you and your family.

Body adjustment differently this time around? Where do you find the time to workout?
Still to be determined ;) So I gained about the same as I did with Ava this time around (maybe a few lbs more) but I still have a few more lbs to go to get back to my pre baby weight. Lets just be clear pre baby weight and pre baby shape are two different things ;) I am very happy with my progress so far but have always been really hard on myself where I want my body to be. I love working out and just feeling in shape so my expectations of where I want to be are high. That being said life with two is even more exhausting than I thought it would be. I have always preached that I would make time to workout because it's something that was always been important to me (oh one of the many things we all said and swore we would and would not do before we actually had our own kids ;) but obviously that was before reality of two kids set in. I will say so far things look like they're headed back to normal but I remember as with my first pregnancy my body really didn't start feeling fully back to its old self until after 7- 8 months postpartum.
 I was working out more consistently though after my first pregnancy so this month I have really tried to step it up and make my work outs more of priority wherever I can fit them in. Even if they are a little something here or there. I have a treadmill at home and try to hop on it when Ava was in school and Luca would nap (but her being out of school for the Summer really throws this mamas free time off ;) Or even something simple like doing some squats/abs in the living room if everyone is playing and entertained for a few minutes. Right now i'm just trying to eat well and do what I can when I can.

(my go to  Wide Brim Hat // Baby Carrier like that this one faces forward as well)

How do you get ready with two kids?
Ummm it's called mastering your 5 minute makeup routine, some wide brim hats and lots of sunnies! Week days it's all about some tinted moisturizer, concealer and mascara. Luckily I dont have to wash my hair but every few days so i'll wash it at night and let it air dry. Then the next day i'll tame it with with my blow dryer and round brush and add some simple beach waves with my curling iron. Usually Ava is playing in her toy room and I have Luca in his pack n play or bouncy.

Schedule what your normal day looks like?
To be continued...that's  a long on so if you girls are interested i'll put together a full post with that one!

What have you done differently this time around?
Hmmm like most moms will say the second time around you just let so much more slide. I'm not making my own baby food, I started introducing formula a lot sooner, and not jumping at every little peep your baby makes. We always joke and sarcastically say "wow, mom of the year" but kids are pretty resilient and as long as you show them love, make them the priority and try to your best you're doing the best in my book.

Are you still exclusively breastfeeding?
No, I am still breastfeeding but only about 50% of the day now. We introduced formula at around 4 months because trying to get the kids out of the house with all their stuff takes forever as is let alone having to sit down and pump before you head out every time! I will say be careful when you do start to introduce it though because what starts out as one bottle a day quickly snowballs into multiple bottles a day.

How have the placenta pills worked out?
I still have not taken them ;( I'm bummed I couldn't be of more help for you girls who were curious about them. As mentioned when I delivered I had a horrible cold (as if child birth wasn't hard enough). You're not supposed to take the pills if you have anything else going on with your body because its believed to amply those symptoms so I wanted to wait till it totally went away to start taking them. Well two weeks went by and while I still was recovering from the cold the baby blues didn't seem to pop up so I never took them!
While it was a bummer I'm also kind of glad I didn't because if I had I would be over here swearing to you that it must have been the placenta pills. So for any of you who have taken them please feel free to share your experience with them! I'm curious about them as i've heard mixed things and I'm sure lots of other mothers would love to know more too!!

Will there be baby #3?
Lets just say we're not planning on it as of now. Our hands are SUPER full so thought of another gives me anxiety just thinking about it ;)

How do you find the age difference is between your kids?
I am really happy with the age difference. My husband was ready to get started on number two right away but I was so overwhelmed that I couldnt even think about having another babe until Ava was about two! I knew it was going to be crazy with two so I wanted to make sure she was potty trained, in her big girl bed and in school a couple days a week. All of those things helped out tremendously this time around! So YES! I am super happy with the age difference.

How do you manage to get everything done in your household?
The answer is I don't! It's been a hard adjustment and truthfully a bit stressful because I always feel like my to do list is NEVERRR ending. I'm lucky to have Ava in school a few days (counting down till Summer break is over ;) and my husbands schedule is flexible in the mornings but everyday is still a struggle to get everything done. Between blogging full time, laundry, grocery, cooking taking care of two kiddos, a needy hubby and making a little time for myself too the household tends to be the first thing to slack. Even this post has been in the works for 5 days now (granted its a long one) but finding the time to sit down and write is a challenge too.
 I've mentioned before that I can be a bit of a control freak but i'm beginning to realize you just can't do it all and that's ok. I try to organize as much a possible but as soon as I clean up it looks like a toddler bomb went off in the house again. My dinners are not as amazing as they used to be but I try to make healthy simple meals in larger servings so that I don't have to cook every night.
 I "struggle with the juggle" on the daily but I try prioritize and just do what I can. No matter what I have on my to do list I make it a point every afternoon to shut down my computer and phone, leave the house with dishes in the sink and stuff everywhere to take my kids out of the day and spend some one one time doing fun things with them. So my house looks a bit crazy most of the day and my to do list never has as many things crossed off as i'd like but those things can wait.

What are your favorite Baby Products?
If you've been following my blog for awhile you girls have probably seen a lot of these items before! These are our go to products and some we've been using for years!

I hope this was helpful for you moms and mamas to be! As always obviously every babe and family are different this is just my personal experience with it all! If you have helpful tips or favorite products you couldn't do without too please share as i'm sure other mamas reading this would love to hear!! 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mommy & Mini

Happy Sunday Honeyyys! Hope you all are out enjoying the rest of the weekend! Just a quick post today some mommy and mini style with my little lady while she still thinks it's cool. ;) During the week were both all about easy basics but on the weekend it's fun to get a little more dressed up in some cute pieces that are still comfortable like this light weight maxi skirt and Ava's dress, both from Lemon Pop

So glad this little lady wants to wear hats now and actually keeps them on too! 

All about whites, denim, wide brim hats and fun sandals for both of us!! 

Obsessed with that grin! 

Ava's Hat // Denim Vest // Dress c/o LemonPop // Gladiator Sandals (pretty much all on SALE!)
 My Hat (more budget friendly HERE) // Maxi Skirt c/o Lemon Pop // Denim Shirt // Wedges

You can check more of their cute pieces out on their instagram @shoplemonpop or one of these store locations below:

                                                          AZALEA SHOPPING CENTER
4827 Firestone Blvd., Plaza 2
    South Gate, CA 90280

                                                        ELLISBURG SHOPPING CENTER
Route 70 & Kings Hwy N,
 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

                                                                      MERCER MALL
3345 U.S. Highway 1
 Lawrence Township, NJ 08648

                                                       ROCKLAND SHOPPING CENTER
66 Rockland Plaza Route 59, Suite 17
     Nanuet, NY 10954

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mama Cruisin' (Stokke Stroller Review)

Okay lovelies I posted a picture on instagram with this stroller and so many of you asked about it so today i'm doing a full post on it.  I wanted to use it for a few weeks to make sure I could give the best and most honest review possible so here we go!  
The kind people at Stokke sent their Crusi stroller to me a few weeks ago and have to say it is seriously ammmmazing (and i'm not just saying that because it was gifted)! First and for most I LOVE the simple and sleek design of it! If you are a mama of two you know pushing a double stroller is a GAME CHANGER and can be so heavy and hard to steer. The absolute best part about this stroller is that it is SUPER easy to maneuver and is SO much lighter than any other double stroller i've tried. It honestly feels like you are only pushing a single stroller (even with both kids in it). This stroller is a bit pricey but you honestly are getting what you pay for and you can really feel the difference! 
I'll be completely honest I did have my doubts about the second seat option. I just figured Ava wouldn't want to sit in the bottom portion but she LOVES it! We've used it for a couple weeks now and she still thinks it super cool and fun to climb in and out.  I love that I can also see she's still in there. With our other stroller I can't see over the baby seat to make sure Ava is still in front (as you know toddlers like to jump on and off). With this one she can't make her way out unless I stop first and I like that.
Now let me get sidetracked and drool over this frozen banana! Ava had her first one and needless to say she was a fan!

Okay back to the stroller... I never looked at the manual once and figured out how to use it in a snap! The ride is super smooth, the umbrella part of the stroller is firm/crisp and you can just tell it's really good quality. To put the stroller in the car I click the two buttons on the side, pop off the top seat, put it in the back of my car then click the handlebar and it slide all the way in to bottom and put the whole bottom section with the bottom seat in tact in the car and DONE! It's super easy and love that there's no folding and unfolding involved or that I have to remove two seats. 
Now for the downside the only bummer is that there isn't a big space for a diaper bag when it's being used a double stroller. There is enough space under the second seat to put the necessities like a few diapers, wipes and a bottle butttt we are still in the infant stage where I need the bag and the million random things in it. So when I have to bring it with me I unclick one side of the lap bar (not pictured here as I forgot to put it on that day) and put my diaper bag handles through and click it back in. Viola problem solved! It hangs off to the side and and doesn't rub against anything. I also ordered this cup holder  for it because of course we need our spot for a bottle or mama's coffee ;)

Ava's top // Shorts// Chucks  

A little someone always LOVES to help ( a little too much sometimes ;)

We still use our other stroller as well but I had the hubby leave this one in my car because it's the easiest, lightest and the one I use the most now. I hope this review was helpful for you mamas and mamas to be! 

Sibling Seat c/o Stokke

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mommy + Mini Style

Helllllo loves! We're scrambling around over here trying to pack for a little fourth of July getaway but wanted to post another little mama and mini style today and were all about blues! I love cute and affordable pieces that you can just throw on and go and these pieces from LemonPop are just that! 
Maxi's are definitely a Summer essential for me! They're effortless, comfortable and look pulled together when you really just threw it on and ran out the door! 

I seriously just can't even believe how big she is now! Seeing pics like this makes me realize just how much I need to soak in this time with both the kiddos because it truly does go in a blink! 

Little rompers like this one are perfect for my little tom boy who's always monkeying around! I love that they are stretchy so she can easily pull it up and down when going potty (hey that's key for us during this stage! ;)

(Photos by LoveThisPhotography)

You can check more of LeomonPop's  cute pieces out on their instagram @shoplemonpop or one of these store locations: 

                                                          AZALEA SHOPPING CENTER
4827 Firestone Blvd., Plaza 2
  South Gate, CA 90280


                                                        ELLISBURG SHOPPING CENTER
Route 70 & Kings Hwy N,
  Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

                                                                      MERCER MALL
3345 U.S. Highway 1
   Lawrence Township, NJ 08648

                                                       ROCKLAND SHOPPING CENTER
66 Rockland Plaza Route 59, Suite 17
   Nanuet, NY 10954

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Luca's Neutral Nursery

Morning loves! We FINALLY finished Luca's nursery last month and wanted to share some of the pictures with you! I'll be completely honest I totally lost steam with it half way through. I don't know if it's the second child syndrome or the fact that we've been so busy and exhausted with the two of them but it's finished!! I wanted some something simple, clean and calming (because with a newborn and "three"anger we're definitely going to need all the calming we can get! ;). So here we go with some snapshots from Luca's neutral nursery...
I wen't with soft grays, stripes and animal accents. The paint is actually much more gray in person than it is showing up in these pictures. We used Benjamin Moore paint in Nimbus for his nursery. My other favorite that is a touch darker than Nimbus is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.

Baskets and Picture are from Restoration Hardware Kids

Now you can imagine these books and animals didn't last in these baskets for long. A certain someone is testing out all of these goodies until Luca is old enough to tell her other wise ;)

This rocking chair is the same one we used for Ava and it from Pottery Barn. The crochet pouf is from Restoration Hardware kids.
This distressed side table is from a local boutique in Newport Coast called Jux.ta.poisition 

Clock from Pottery Barn and I potted this succulent in this large distressed candle holder I bought at Michaels.

(Stripe rug from Pottery Barn Kids)

I  had big plans to do 8 point star decals on the ceiling but after countless calls it turned out they don't adhere very well to textured walls. The only other option would be to measure out and hand paint stencils (ya, ain't nobody got time for that lol) or else wall paper. I couldn't find the exact color combo I wanted in the wall paper and it was super expensive anyhow so we just bagged it all together. We may do something fun on the walls when we transition it into a big boy room in a couple years.

Elephant mobil from Restoration Hardware Kids

Mixed matched gray print pillows all from Target

Ava is obsessed with this little rocking bear from Restoration Hardware Kids. As for the crib we really wanted to do something different but there was no use in wasting money on another one when they are only it for such short period of time. We just reused Ava's crib from Pottery barn. Sheets are Aden + Anais and the crib skirt is from Restoration Hardware Kids. We don't use bumpers for our cribs for safety reason (even though they look so much cuter with them) but we put on breathable bumpers (from Target) for both Ava and Luca so their little arms and legs don't get stuck.

I love this gray dresser with the pull handle hardware from Restoration Hardware! This was a piece I bought in mind for when we transition his room into a big boys room! The Metal letters are from Land of Nod and pictures from RH.

One of my favorite pieces from Ava's nursery (reused in Luca's) is this mama and baby giraffe set. Purchased on Etsy a few years ago.

Even though I didn't to all the Pinterest'y ;) things I had in mind i'm SO happy with it! It's actually my favorite room in the house. I love sitting on this rocking chair in the evening and nursing him to sleep! I'm holding on to these moments because I know he'll be running around here in no time!


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