Thursday, August 28, 2014

Flowy Tops Please

Its safe to say i've been all about comfy pieces lately. These two looks are both with super SOFT stretchy denim and flowy tops. I just hit 16 Weeks in my pregnancy and i'm at that stage where the bump isn't super prominent but just looks more like you may have just put on a few lbs. So i've definitely been sticking with the flowy pieces. Below are two of my favorites looks for comfy cute early stage pregnancy style....
I just adore this romantic off the shoulder blouse! The fit and flow are prefect! 

On another note I have never tried AG Jeans and on my last trip to Nordstrom the sales associate recommended them to me. I'm pretty particular about my denim but I said sure, why not. I tried them on thinking in my head already I wasn't going to like them but oh my gosh they are the seriously softest denim ever!! So I snatched these up!  

T Bags  Off the Shoulder Top (on SALE!)
Mar Y Sol Tote (similar more affordable HERE)
Dolce Vita Sandals

The second look is with this pretty printed top by Joie and another pair of super soft skinny dark denim. Again comfort is key but still pulled together. 
A lot of you have asked what I do about my button situation with the prego belly but i've just been using the hair tie trick (where you put an hair tie through the button hole and hook it). I'm hoping this will last for awhile but i've also used the belly band pieces on my last pregnancy (that just go over your jeans) but I prefer the hair tie. I do have one pair of maternity denim I purchased last pregnancy but haven't had to break those out just yet ;)

Photos by SteadyJenny

Joie Top (on crazy SALE now, I'm wearing XS)
Sam Edelman Lace Up Sandals

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Toddler Update ( and Preparing for a family of four)

Its been awhile since i've done a little Ava update so today I thought I would do one of those. Where to begin?!With baby number two on the way were really just trying to get as organized as possible! Tackling potty training, getting her in school a couple hours a day a few times a week, transitioning into a big girl bed, the list goes on! Here are some random shots from the Camera Roll and some tid bits on how were trying to prep for becoming a family of four!
I'm forever taking out my phone and snapping pics of the two of them doing everyday things together. This view NEVER gets old ;) On a side not i'm obsessed with her comfy little maxi dress from Target
In a previous post I asked you girls about bed recommendations for transitioning Ava out of the crib.  I kept hearing that you should try to transition your toddler into a big girl bed about 6 months before the new baby arrives so that they don't regress( I'll keep you posted on how that turns out ;). I originally really wanted to just go into a full or queen size bed (like many of you recommended) so that we wouldn't have to purchase another one down the road but we went with this bed from The Land of Nod.  Once Ava saw this bed in the store she wouldn't get out of it...literally! It was just her height and size and she absolutely loves it! The transition went rather smoothly (pay no attention to the picture of her jumping on the bed above lol).
 As I mentioned before Ava is not the type of child where she would just lay in her bed until she'll quietly drifts off to sleep. Especially given her new found crib less freedom. ;) The first few days were a quite a bit of work. I  had to stand outside her door for about 40 minutes because she kept coming out of her room. After COUNTLESS times of walking her back into her room she finally caught on. Like the potty training its just took a lot of patience and consistency. Now she just goes into her room and plays with a few stuffed animals and yes sometimes jumps on her bed and sings ;)) but usually within about 20 mins she lays herself down and goes to sleep. Yeah!! She's in a big girl bed! On a side note we did have to add one of those guardrails because she kept rolling out of her bed. She still stayed a asleep lol but a guardrail did the trick! 
As for the potty training. Ava is in her big girl underwear all day now and just sleeps in a pull up for nighttime. I touched on our potty training progress on the last Ava update but basically we tried it all! It took a few months and some gummy bear bribes but she seems pretty good to go in that department now! She does occasionally have an accident but i'm sure those are bound to happen for awhile. 
We started doing a "mommy and me" class at a school a couple months ago. I wanted Ava to get accustom to going to school so when the new baby arrives she'll be settled and comfortable in school a few hours a days a few days a week. She starts on her own next month (eeeek) and I'm not going to lie i'm a little sad already about dropping her off ;( I know its only a couple hours but just another sign that this little one isn't so little anymore! Ps when they tell you to enroll your kids early in school, they're not joking. The wait lists here are kind of crazy! 

Churchin' and Brunchin' with my girl!
My dress Forever21 (on SALE now too) // Avas dress Old Navy (also on SALE)

Soaking in all the lazy afternoons I can with this little love! 

A trip to the OC Fair a few weeks ago called for Fried Oreos and Funny Faces! Ava's personality is really showing in this pics ;)
again with these two!
Hanging at our friends house in Laguna...Ava looks so tall here! 

and I know we're still a few months out for chilly weather here in OC but I just couldnt resist this Moto Jacket and Trench! I can't wait to put her in these!! 

and here's the link to the New Balance's for those of you who asked on Instagram today. 

I hope this was helpful for you mamas and so sorry for the 3:00pm post. It seems like nap time is the only time I can get things done around here anymore! Any other tips and suggestions you mamas have for prepping for baby #2 are ALWAYS welcomed ;)

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