Friday, November 21, 2014

Forever(21) Friday

Happpppy Friday loves! Here we go with this weeks Forever(21) Friday picks! There are tons of great pieces i'm eyeing right now......

Parkas, waffle knits, Faux fur vests, and tons of great accessories and holiday dresses! How amazing is that red lace dress in the set below?! I would be snatching it up if I could squeeze this prego belly in it ;) The military and denim jacket below are on my to get list along with that beanie and shearling faux leather vest! All perfect layering pieces for Fall/Winter! (ps they're offering FREE shipping right now on orders over $30!)

and of course still OBSESSED with this camel coat and can't believe its from Forever!! I love it so much i'm considering buying it in gray as well! (Full post to come soon with this look)

I hope you ladies have a great weekend!! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Honeybee Health: Random Shots

Alright lovelies you've been requesting more of these so here we go with another round of random Honeybee Health shots via the camera roll.....

A snap shot of my grocery cart after leaving the produce aisle. I try to stock up the majority of my cart with tons of colorful fruits and veggies! Lots of filling, nutrient dense produce. What I put in the house is what they will eat so I stock up on the good stuff! 

A typical breakfast....instant oats, ground chia seed, half a banana and a little agave nectar to sweeten it up!
You've probably seen this breakfast option on here before but the Van's protein waffles are a staple in our house! Again topped with a little banana, ground chia, almond butter and the maple/agave blend syrup from Trader Joes.

My little one is ALWAYS asking for snacks in the car. Chances are if she's munching on it I end up munching on them too so I try to keep those snacks healthy. These Dried apple chips are always on hand and Ava gobbles them up!

I'll be honest i've been really bad about food prepping these last couple months. I've been so busy with A and exhausted because of pregnancy so there has been a lot of "to go" from Whole Foods. The char grilled salmon, kale salad and some sort of healthy carb mix are always stashed in my fridge for quick, no brainer healthy meals. It's a heck of a lot cheaper when I do the meal prep myself so I hope to get back on track with that stat.

Another round of healthy to go options from Whole Foods are these BBQ chicken and quinoa meatballs (LOVE!) again with kale salad and the char grilled corn and spinach salad.

and of course there's always room for splurging! I definitely allow myself sweets EVERYDAY I just aim to keep it in the 200-300 calories range. Typically treats like this cronut (cupcakes, donuts etc) I only eat once a week or once every two weeks. 

His and Hers ice cream!

Now I would MUCH rather be having that Sea Salt Caramel gelato but the nutrition facts on his vs mine are all the difference! His has 240 calories, 11 grams of fat and 36 grams of sugar (per 1/2 cup!) vs mine which has 100 Calories, 0 grams of fat and 16 grams of sugar (per half cup). I've mentioned this frozen yogurt before and really love it. Its not Ben and Jerry's by any means but it's tasty and usually satisfies the sweets craving.

Out to brunch with the fam: They have their carbo load yumminess and I have an egg white, spinach scramble with a side sweet potato fries and whole grain toast and jam. 

Out to lunch I ordered a veggie burger with cheese and avocado and a side salad instead of fries. I only ate one side of the bun because this patty was loaded with whole grains.

and another lunch at True Foods: I love their shaved turkey wrap! I just request it without the cheese because it has an amazing yogurt dressing and I don't even end up missing the cheese. As always I also order "the natural" drink. Soda water, ginger and agave (so refreshing!)

A lot of you were asking if my meals have changed much since becoming pregnant. I would say only slightly. In the first trimester my eating pretty much stayed the same. In my second and now third trimester I upped it by a few hundred calories. Basically every night i'm snacking ;) Either a big bowl of popcorn, cereal or some kind of sweet treat. I listen to my body and if i'm hungry or craving something in particular I eat it. For me it's all about having a balance. Enjoy this time but don't go overboard. Anyhow I hope this helped you ladies!  I'll (finally) have a bump update this weekend for you!


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